New Book Category Page

I’m hard at work sprucing up the website and I’ve just categorized all my stories so you can find the sexy subjects you crave the most. Every book falls into at least one category depending on its content, and most books fall into multiple categories. Enjoy family orgies? There’s a category for you. Nephews and […]

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Taking Down Tumblr

Due to lack of reader interest, I will no longer post to my Tumblr blog for the time being. I’d rather spend the time writing more stories for y’all, anyway. For those of you that looked forward to seeing new content over there, I apologize. Please consider following me on one of the other social […]

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Blog Posts? Sure…

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a test post. Pretty nifty, huh? I’m too busy writing new erotica to blog about anything meaningful at this time, so this will have to do. Oh, look, there is some blog-worthy information in this post after all. When I have some more time, I will actually blog. […]

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